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How We Help

The Cape Verde Foundation is an organisation that seeks to enrich the lives of children as well as assist with fundamental issues such as education, healthcare and the long-term development of Cape Verde. Founded by The Resort Group PLC, the Foundation was created to make a positive contribution across a variety of projects in Cape Verde, supporting its people and local communities. The organisation is managed by staff in our head office in Gibraltar, as well as the offices in Derby and Sal Island.

  • It was Founder & Executive Chairman Rob Jarrett’s relationship with the Island and connections with the local Government and community that made him want to help.
  • Its charitable work has so far supported local nurseries and schools, encouraged educational programmes and helped make Christmas special for so many children with each child receiving a gift.
  • Donations come from far and wide as investors and holidaymakers hold fundraising events and arrange for clothes, toys, stationery and much more to be given to the children after a visit to one of our Resorts.

Committed to making a difference in Cape Verde, supporting local communities, schools and charity projects.