What the Boom in Tourism Means for Investing in Cape Verde

There’s never been a better time for investing in Cape Verde. Over the past decade and a half, tourist numbers on this tropical archipelago have been rising rapidly, turning the country into one of the most celebrated holiday havens the world has to offer. And it’s no wonder why. With its year-round summer temperatures, sugar-white sands that stretch unspoilt for miles upon miles, crystal clear waters, and thriving, musical culture, Cape Verde is a truly magical country. And now, as it has risen to become a recognised tourist hotspot on the world travel map, so too has it become a magnet for smart, modern investors looking for luxury overseas property that can deliver both assured returns and a whole host of lifestyle benefits to boot.

Cape Verde Tourism Boom Set to Continue Long into the Future

Tourism has played a huge part in the continued success and rising prosperity of Cape Verde over the years. More and more holidaymakers are setting foot on these glorious, culture-rich shores with each year that ticks by, contributing more and more to the ongoing stability of the economy as they do so.

Tourism is creating jobs, driving exports, and generating prosperity in the country, all of which spells great news for those considering investing in Cape Verde. Importantly, tourism has been a steadily-rising and sustainable success over the years – we aren’t simply witnessing a spike in the figures, but a success story unfolding that will continue long into the future.

As recently as 2000, tourism contributed just 2% to GDP in Cape Verde. However, with ongoing investments and greater exposure on the world travel stage, when we fast-forward to 2016, this figure rises to 17.2% – and it’s still growing. The latest figures from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) reveal that the direct contribution of travel and tourism to GDP in Cape Verde is expected to grow by 5.8% p.a. to CVE 53.8 billion – a massive 21% of GDP – by 2027.

Charts of the Economy GDP

(Image source: wttc.org)

Driving these figures is the growing number of tourists that are choosing Cape Verde for their travels each year.

Visitor exports are of course a key component of the direct contribution of travel and tourism to GDP. In 2016, Cape Verde generated CVE 40.3 billion in visitor exports – a figure which is expected to grow by 11.1% in 2017, as the country attracts 578,000 international tourist arrivals. By 2027, international tourist arrivals are forecast to total 728,000 and generate expenditure of CVE 78.8 billion – an increase of 5.8% p.a.

Foreign Visitor Exports Charts

(Image source: wttc.org)

High Tourist Numbers Ensure High Demand for Luxury Accommodation

For all those considering investing in Cape Verde, the sustained, long-term growth in tourism creates the perfect conditions for a good investment.

When it comes to overseas buy-to-let property, it’s imperative that you choose a location that expects high visitor numbers long into the future. High tourist numbers ensure that there will be a high demand for luxury accommodation, which in turn means that the likelihood of your property being occupied by paying guests right around the calendar will also be high.

And this is precisely what Cape Verde provides. The country is fast-rising to become one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world. And for good reason. Cape Verde is truly a beach-lover’s paradise – there are miles upon miles of unspoilt white-sanded beaches that stretch around practically every single coastline in the archipelago. What’s more, the warm waters make for not only great bathing conditions, but a great home for a whole host of tropical sea life as well. Loggerhead turtles, humpback whales, lemon sharks, manta rays, dolphins – all make their home in Cape Verde waters, creating ample opportunity for international tourists to come and enjoy unforgettable experiences time and time again.

What’s more, Cape Verde is a water sports haven. Kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing and surfing are all extremely popular activities on the Islands, meaning that there is always much fun to be had and new adventures to be discovered by all.

And the holiday season never stops in Cape Verde. The year-round summer temperatures mean that there’s never really a low season on Cape Verde – visitors flock to the Islands be it spring, summer, autumn or winter, meaning that the likelihood of your overseas investment property being occupied right around the calendar is extremely high indeed.

Investing in Cape Verde Made Easy with 5/6/7 Property Options

On the Islands of Boa Vista, construction of the White Sands Hotel & Spa – the latest development from The Resort Group PLC – is well underway and coming along at a good pace. Here, 835 luxurious properties panning 16 different categories are being made available for those interested investing in Cape Verde.

The White Sands hotel & Spa is being built to create luxury guest experiences. The Resort will feature six swimming pools with swim-up bars, six restaurants, a number of bars and nightclubs, a water sports centre, fitness centre, children’s facilities, tennis courts, beach ball courts, the world-famous YHI Spa, and a whole lot more besides. Situated just footsteps away from the glorious Santa Monica Beach, it’s not hard to imagine just how popular the White Sands Hotel & Spa will become as a tourist destination when the doors open.

And the great news is that The Resort Group PLC have a proven investment model that makes investing in Cape Verde easy. Our 5/6/7 Property Options mean that all investors start seeing fixed returns from the moment the resort opens. This offer starts with a 5% net rental yield in the first year, increasing to 6% in the second year and rising again to 7% in year three – providing the long-term security you need from your investment.

As Cape Verde continues to rise in popularity on the world travel stage, demand for luxury accommodation has never been higher, and is only set to increase even further over the next decade. This means that there has never been a better time for investing in Cape Verde, and with our fantastic 5/6/7 Property Options , it’s never been easier to do so.

To find out more about investing in Cape Verde, our 5/6/7 Property Options , or are interested in booking a VIP Investor’s Tour of the White Sands Hotel & Spa, get in touch with The Resort Group PLC today.