Top Tips for Buy-to-let Investment Property in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is fast-becoming the go-to buy-to-let investment property hotspot for smart UK investors – and for good reason. If you’re looking for a location that will deliver the perfect balance between securing meaningful returns and the lifestyle benefits of owning your own holiday home in the sun, Cape Verde is exactly where you’ll find it.

A tropical archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean 300 miles off the west coast of Africa, Cape Verde has been enjoying a sustained tourism boom over the past decade and a half (or so). Attracted by the country’s laidback lifestyle, year-round sunshine, turquoise waters, and vibrant culture, tourists flock to the Cape Verde Islands in their thousands every single year. Along with other infrastructural developments, the increase in direct flights from the UK over this time has seen to it that the country is now not only a popular holiday destination, but well-established on the international buy-to-let investment property scene.

Overseas buy-to-let investment property is an extremely popular choice with many investors – recent data from the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) reveals that an estimated 30,000 Brits bought a foreign property in 2016 – due to the high rental returns that can be achieved, and the potential for long-term capital growth

However, an overseas buy-to-let property investment will only prove to be a good investment if you choose the right property in the right location. Cape Verde is undoubtedly the right location, and here, we want to give you our top tips for choosing and getting the most out of a buy-to-let investment property in this beautiful country.

Top Tips for Buy-to-let Investment Property in Cape Verde

Choose a Popular Location

Consisting of ten Islands and five Islets, tourists are somewhat spoilt for choice when they plan a trip to Cape Verde. However, there are two or three Islands in particular, that are consistently of most interest to holidaymakers – and if you’re looking for solid rental returns from your overseas buy-to-let investment property, you need to consider where the feet are falling.

Until relatively recently, most of the tourism success of Cape Verde had been driven by the increasing visitor numbers on the Island of Sal – but now, Boa Vista is emerging as an extremely popular Island, thanks largely to the 55km of unspoilt white-sanded beaches that curve around the coast.

Of these, Santa Monica Beach is undoubtedly the most beautiful – the true jewel in the crown – and it is here that a brand new development from The Resort Group PLC is being built.

Named after the sugar-white sands of Santa Monica, the White Sands Hotel & Spa is making 835 properties spanning 16 different categories, available to investors. The properties range from lavish suites with their own swim-up pools, whirlpool baths and hot tubs, to larger penthouse and duplex-style suites, together with exclusive villas with private gardens and plunge pools.

If you’re looking for a buy-to-let investment property in a beautiful location which enjoys high tourist numbers, the White Sands Hotel & Spa is where you’ll find it.

Consider Dedicated Luxury Resorts for Year-round Occupancy

One of the most important things for getting the most out of a buy-to-let investment is ensuring that your property will be occupied right around the calendar. And this is what makes Cape Verde such a great destination in its own right – temperatures average between 25°C and 30°C all year around here, meaning that there’s never really a low season on the Islands, and are indeed hailed as being amongst the best winter sun destinations on the planet.

Even so, holidaymakers like to be well-catered-for on their travels. They want luxury, entertainment, and to know that they will be looked after during their stay. And this is the precise appeal of dedicated luxury Resorts.

The highly-anticipated White Sands Hotel & Spa on Boa Vista, is set to be one the greatest tourist attractions on the Island. Featuring six swimming pools with swim-up bars, six restaurants offering a range of fine-dining experiences, a selection of bars, a nightclub, children’s facilities, fitness and water sports centres, tennis courts, beach ball courts, and the world-famous YHI Spa, there really is something for everyone at the White Sands Hotel & Spa, and it’s not hard to imagine just how popular it will be with holidaymakers when the doors open.

Choose to Invest with an Established Developer

The most sensible choice an investor can make is to go with an established and reputed developer with a proven investment model that offers fixed returns from day one of purchase.

The Resort Group PLC is world-renowned and specialises in the development and operation of luxury Hotels and Resorts on the Islands of Cape Verde. To our string of already-successful Resorts on Sal – including the MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, the MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort, and the MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa – we are adding the eagerly-awaited White Sands Hotel & Spa on the increasingly popular Island of Boa Vista.

We offer a complete and ongoing service for our investors, and deliver comprehensive guidance on the purchasing process, local tax laws, the Cape Verdean culture, and full transparency right across the board.

Find Plans that Deliver High Returns and Make Investment Easy

The Resort Group PLC is also currently making available one of the very best offers for buy-to-let investment property in the market – 5/6/7 Property Options.

The offer means that all investors start enjoying fixed returns from the moment the resort opens. This offer starts with a 5% net rental yield in the first year, increasing to 6% in the second year and rising again to 7% in year three – providing the long-term security you need from your investment.

What makes the plan even more appealing is the fact that everyone who chooses our 5/6/7 Property Options has the opportunity to take advantage of our Hotel Managed Program, whereby The Resort Group PLC will be responsible for your property’s operation, occupancy, cleaning and maintenance.

This makes for a completely hands-free investment – and you will still have the opportunity to holiday in your luxury property at the White Sands Hotel & Spa for up to five weeks every single year.

In short, this is an unparalleled buy-to-let property investment opportunity which provides great fixed returns right from the word go, and delivers many lifestyle benefits to boot.

Buy-to-let Investment Property that Can’t Be Matched

For anyone seeking great overseas buy-to-let investment property opportunities, Cape Verde has everything you could hope for. Tourism is booming on the Islands, creating the ideal conditions for high occupancy rates, and The Resort Group PLC is a long-established and reputed property developer, fully committed to making your overseas investment as seamless and rewarding as possible.

To find out more about the buy-to-let investment property opportunities available at the White Sands Hotel & Spa, or if you’re interested in booking a VIP “Try Before You Buy” Investor’s Tour of the development, get in touch with The Resort Group PLC today.