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2 Bedroom Apartment
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Full Property or Fractional

Key Features

2 BEDROOM, Master bedroom and ensuite, 78.1sqm, 2nd FLOOR,

Our 2 bed apartments combine a spacious and relaxed living area with a high quality kitchen, family bathroom and ensuite - delivering a luxurious holiday retreat.

Estimated Returns

All investors purchasing a Cape Verde property at the Dunas Beach Resort & Spa enjoy fixed returns for three years. Investors receive a consistent on-going return generated by our Hotel Managed Program, which is backed by the thriving tourism market and guaranteed contracts with tour operators.

Investment Amount
Total Return - Over 3 Years (Plus Capital Growth)

Investing in a property at the Dunas Beach Resort & Spa presents a real opportunity to tap into this thriving market, diversify and strengthen your portfolio. Start building your investments, all whilst being able to enjoy the benefits of year-round sunshine, award winning beaches and perfect holiday escapism.

Floor Plan

Location Plan

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