The beautiful and enchanting Boa Vista

Renowned for its stunning beaches and a culture that perfectly blends its African and Portuguese influences, Boa Vista is now officially on the map as an emerging destination for an unforgettable sunshine holiday.

The most eastern island in Cape Verde, Boa Vista is mainly flat with few mountainous areas. Renowned for spectacular sand dunes and pristine beaches, the third largest island is actually the least populated creating a rustic and undiscovered vibe.

Opening the first international airport in 2007 and home to the Islands’ Capital, Sal Rei is a shining example of a traditional Cape Verdean town, giving tourists an authentic sense of Cape Verde’s captivating fusion of cultures. An abundance of cafes and local restaurants nestle in between the cobbled streets and local bars and shops hide between a patchwork of multi-coloured buildings.


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The World Travel & Tourism Council reveals the full impact of Travel & Tourism on Cape Verde's flourishing economy, revealing promising future for the Islands. Full report available here:

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