On the tropical Islands of Cape Verde, the White Sands Hotel & Spa is quickly taking shape, presenting a dream overseas investment opportunity packed with adventure and delights that will charm, entertain and bring joy to the whole the family for many years to come.

Situated on the Island of Boa Vista (meaning ‘beautiful view’), the White Sands Hotel & Spa is the latest in a string of Resort developments from the world-renowned The Resort Group PLC, on-schedule to open its doors to paying guests in late 2018. Fully-equipped with a range of restaurants, swimming pools, fitness and water sports centres – and all just a stone’s throw away from the magical white sands of Santa Monica Beach – it’s not hard to imagine just how popular the completed Resort will become as a tourist destination when it opens next year. With 835 luxurious, 5-star properties to choose from, you’ll struggle to find a better and more beautiful overseas investment opportunity – in fact, you’ll struggle to find a better and more beautiful holiday destination in the whole world.

We say this with confidence. Cape Verde has emerged as one of the world’s most popular tourist locations over the past decade and a half. Hailed as the “new Caribbean”, the Cape Verde Islands – little-known just a few short years ago – have risen to prominence on the international tourist market due to year-round summer temperatures, the impeccable Cape Verdean hospitality, and of course the wealth of unmissable sight-seeing and adventure-filled activities on offer for all ages.

If you’re at all worried that either Cape Verde or the White Sands Hotel & Spa Resort itself won’t have everything you need to keep the whole family happy, you can allay those fears straight away. Cape Verde is where dreams come true.


Family Fun at the White Sands Hotel & Spa

At the White Sands Hotel & Spa, families will love and never tire of the glistening six Resort swimming pools, complete with swim-up bars and poolside eateries. Two of these pools are just for kids, and there’s even a baby pool for little ones – the White Sands Hotel & Spa has been thoughtfully designed so that it’s split into adult-only and family sections, ensuring that all activities, services and experiences can be tailored to guests’ individual needs.


The adventure playground and kid’s club provide fun activities day and night, while the tennis courts, beach ball courts, water sports centre and fitness centre supply plenty of opportunity to build up a sweat and burn off some energy ready for a relaxing session at the opulent YHI Spa in the afternoon or evening.

Endless Sands and Crystal Waters

Footsteps away from the White Sands Hotel & Spa are the sugar-white sands of the spectacular Santa Monica Beach, which takes its name from the Los Angeles beach that it resembles. On Boa Vista, beach lovers are truly spoilt for choice. The sandy shores stretch for 55km, with each beach and cove offering something different. But it’s the awe-inspiring beach of Santa Monica that is the jewel in this twinkling crown – the sands are the purest white, and its sheltered position makes it perfect for sunbathing and swimming.


Children love playing in the sand – young ones building sand castles with Mum and Dad, while older ones run around, fly kites or play beach ball games in the sunshine. And for all those water babies among you, the snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities on Cape Verde are simply out of this world. With ship wrecks to explore, stunning reefs, and crystal-clear waters, underwater sight-seeing is taken to a whole new level. For the more adventurous, plenty of thrills can be sought at the kitesurfing and windsurfing schools on the Islands – what better place than Cape Verde to ride your first wave?

Whale Watching and Loggerhead Turtles

The waters around Cape Verde Islands teem with wonderful wildlife that you won’t ever see at home. A breeding ground for the mighty humpback whale, your dream of seeing these magnificent creatures in the wild will come true when you embark on a Cape Verde whale watching tour. And don’t be surprised if dolphins leap out of the water – these incredible, intelligent and playful animals make their home off the Island’s shores, too.


Boa Vista also plays host to the world’s third most important nesting site for the giant loggerhead turtle. Take a turtle watching tour during the summer months and you’ll see one of nature’s true wonders up close, as the baby turtles hatch and scramble their way down to the evening surf. Catamaran tours, fishing excursions and quad biking across the sands can also be enjoyed – there really is no end of unmissable family activities on these Islands.

An Unmissable Investment Opportunity

The Cape Verde experience is not to be missed – which is why tourist numbers have climbed to the heights they have, and are only expected to grow exponentially over the coming decade and beyond. And this is driving high levels of demand for luxury accommodation on the Islands, creating the perfect economic conditions for a rewarding overseas property investment.


With The Resort Group PLC, making such an investment couldn’t be easier. All the properties on offer at the White Sands Hotel & Spa fall under our incredible 12/7/5 Property Options offer. The offer means that anyone who invests today will start enjoying 12% assured returns immediately – even while the Resort is still under construction. When the doors open next year, investors then receive a guaranteed 7% net rental yield over the following five years, after which point The Resort Group PLC will commit to resell the property should an exit be required.

In addition, with our Hotel Management Program, The Resort Group PLC will fully-manage your property for you, taking care of marketing, occupancy, rent collections, maintenance and cleaning. And all this while you take the opportunity to holiday in your luxury property and come and enjoy all the unmissable family activities that Cape Verde has to offer for up to five weeks every year.

If you would like to learn more about your overseas investment options, or are interested in booking a “Try Before You Buy” Inspection Tour so you can come and visit the White Sands Hotel & Spa in-person, then please use our contact page to get in touch.