All sensible investments are made with capital growth and assured returns in mind, and at the White Sands Hotel & Spa, we have investment opportunities designed to deliver both.

The latest development from The Resort Group PLC, the White Sands Hotel & Spa consists of 835 luxurious properties spanning 16 different categories that investors can choose from in a 5-star Resort located in one of the most promising tourist hotspots the world has to offer.

Situated on the beautiful Boa Vista Island on Cape Verde, the White Sands Hotel & Spa is set to be one of the biggest attractions on the Island when the doors open late next year. The Cape Verde tourist industry continues to grow from strength to strength, building upon the country’s mounting reputation as being one of the world’s most beautiful and undiscovered tropical getaways. More and more holidaymakers are flocking to Cape Verde every single year, and the country has indeed been named as one of the world’s top ten destinations for long-term tourism growth. Attracted by year-round temperatures averaging between 25°C and 30°C, crystal clear waters, the inimitable Cape Verdean laidback lifestyle and impeccable hospitality, the growing number of visitors are driving high levels of demand for luxury accommodation – a demand that is currently outstripping supply.

Investing in a property at the brand new White Sands Hotel & Spa Resort, therefore, presents a real opportunity to tap into this thriving market, diversify and strengthen your portfolio, and lay down some additional security for your future and your family’s.

12/7/5 Property Options

Our proven investment model centres around our fantastic 12/7/5 Property Options offer. The offer means that investors immediately start enjoying 12% secured returns from the very first day of purchase – even while the White Sands Hotel & Spa is still in construction. Then, when the doors open late next year, investors receive a guaranteed 7% net rental yield over following five years, providing the long-term security you need from your investment. After this point, The Resort Group PLC will commit to resell the property on your behalf should an exit be required.


What makes our 12/7/5 Property Options offer such a great opportunity – aside from the assured returns that you’ll see – is the fact that every investor also has the chance to take advantage of our Hotel Management Programme. This means that The Resort Group PLC will fully-manage your property at the White Sands Hotel & Spa on your behalf. Your property will be marketed to millions of tourists worldwide, and we are responsible for occupancy, rent collection, management, maintenance and cleaning. In short, we are presenting a ‘hands-free’ investment opportunity. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your assured returns, and you still have the option to holiday in your luxury property for up to five weeks every year, giving you the chance to come and enjoy all that Cape Verde has to offer for yourself in your own piece of personal paradise.

Thriving Tourism Creating High Demand for Luxury Accommodation 

There is never a true low season on Cape Verde. Benefitting from a year-round climate, demand for accommodation on the Islands is strong right around the calendar. What’s more, increased direct and frequent flights to the country, backed by some of the world’s biggest tour operators, are boosting its appeal.

As such, it’s no wonder that the World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC) expects Cape Verde to receive 578,000 international tourist arrivals in 2017 alone, and forecasts this number to rise to 728,000 by 2027, generating expenditure of CVE78.8 billion, an increase of 5.8% per annum. For anyone looking to secure their financial future, these figures make the prospect of investing in a luxury rental property in a thriving tourist market an exciting one.

Investing in Your Future with the White Sands Hotel & Spa

One of the greatest benefits of an overseas investment property that mustn’t be overlooked, of course, is that it’s not only your own future that you’re securing, but your family’s as well.


Owning a prime piece of luxury real estate that you can pass down to your nearest and dearest is a comfort and indeed a joy to behold. Wealth planning for your eventual heirs can be a complex issue to contend with. However, when you choose an exciting investment such as those on offer at the White Sands Hotel & Spa, there’s much pleasure to be taken from the knowledge that it’s not only substantial security that you will one day pass on, but also a place that future generations will be able enjoy for themselves for many years to come.

With soaring house prices at home, combined with all the uncertainty and instability the prospect of Brexit is throwing into the mix, investing in a property overseas can indeed be the more sensible choice when thinking about your future. And nowhere is this more true than on the beautiful Islands of Cape Verde, where tourism is continuing to grow from strength to strength, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy many, many years of assured returns and watch your capital grow.

If you’re looking for an investment that will make your money work harder for you long into the future, and one that comes with all the benefits of owning your own personal piece of paradise in the sun that your friends and family can enjoy, too, the White Sands Hotel & Spa has everything you’ve searching for.

Get in touch with The Resort Group PLC today to learn more about your investment options, and we draw your attention to our “Try Before You Buy” Inspection Tours, where you can come to Cape Verde as a VIP guest and view the White Sands Hotel & Spa for yourself.