We spoke to Ian Wheadon, who recently purchased a property on White Sands Hotel & Spa on Boa Vista, to hear first hand about his experience as an investor with The Resort Group PLC in Cape Verde.

What first attracted you to Cape Verde?
I think the main attraction was that it is relatively unspoiled, which makes a pleasant change from places like Spain with all their English bars and souvenir shops. The climate is also attractive with a comfortable range of 25-28°C and no rain.

Had you visited Cape Verde previously?
I had never visited Cape Verde previously and until my involvement with the Resort Group PLC, had not really noticed its existence. It is a hidden gem, which appears to be increasing in popularity as a great alternative to Europe and the Canaries but only a couple of hours further away.

Was that on one of our Inspection Tours?
No, I had already invested in bonds and two property investments prior to my visit. The visit was ideal for us to see the Resort and the Island for ourselves and get a first-hand idea of where our investments lay.

How did The Resort Group PLC look after you?
We had a great time. It was relaxing and ideal for a break away from our busy lives. I didn’t really have any contact with the Resort Group PLC until later into our holiday when I asked Richard Moore if there were any companies he would recommend for an island tour to see more of the local culture. He put us in the hands of Eneida Tavares who kindly booked us a tour with Eagle Tours.

Did you look at a series of different properties before you made your final decision?
Richard presented White Sands Hotel & Spa to us and we liked what we saw so were happy to invest without seeing anywhere else.

What made you choose this investment over other options?
The returns were much better than we were getting with our ISA and other investments we looked at and we felt this was the best option to make our money work for us.

What was the process to invest?
It was simple, we closed our ISAs and invested by bank transfer.

What is your favourite thing about the Resort and what is the best activity?
My favourite thing was the relaxed atmosphere. One of the sayings around the island is ‘No Stress’ and this is certainly the case. My favourite activity was being inactive and relaxing in the sunshine with a drink and good company.

What is your favourite thing to do on Sal Island?
The island tour was great. We visited various places such as Palmeira to see the fisherman bringing the fish into market for the locals to buy, the salt mines, the desert mirage, walking out to see the sharks and seeing the real Sal with a visit and lunch at Espargos.

Take us through your perfect day at the MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa.
Wake up when we wanted to rather than when we had to. Down to the Aqua for breakfast with some friendly banter with the staff. Then a walk along the beach to walk off breakfast. We then wandered back to the Gabi bar for a coffee and a relax in the sunshine. After a light lunch, we would spend the afternoon by the pool or taking a walk to the other side of the resort. We would have dinner at one of the various choices of restaurants then we liked to head for the Odyssey bar to have a drink and listen to the live music or take a walk down to the amphitheatre to see one of the shows.

What are the advantages of investing with The Resort Group PLC?
It’s a good return on our investment. Backed by a number of well-known stable
companies giving us confidence that our money is invested wisely.

What are the advantages of investing in Cape Verde compared to other overseas places?
It is a growing economy and is becoming more popular as a destination from various parts of the globe. This again gives more confidence in the returns on occupancy.

What were your experiences with The Resort Group PLC?
Everything was handled efficiently and in a friendly manner from start to finish. If ever I had a question, the answer would come quickly and fully explained. Payments are always on time and there are more opportunities available if we wish to invest further.

What piece of advice would you give to future investors?
I have worked in the airline industry for 35 years, including 15 years with Britannia Airways. This combined with involvement by the Meliá Group should give you the confidence to invest.

If you could describe Cape Verde in 5 words, what would they be?
Friendly, relaxed, unspoiled, warm & inviting.