5 Unmissable Day Trips to Experience in Cape Verde

With so many things to see and do, making an overseas property investment in the stunning Island Nation of Cape Verde will bring untold joys to you and your family for many years to come. At the White Sands Hotel & Spa on the glorious Island of Boa Vista, The Resort Group PLC is making 835 luxury properties available to investors, and you can enjoy all the added lifestyle benefits that naturally come with owning your very own piece of paradise in the sun.

Cape Verde is now recognised as one of the very best and most sought-after holiday destinations in the world. Indeed, tourist numbers in the country are rapidly rising as each year ticks by. And while this is of course great news for your overseas property investment – for it means that there will be no shortage of people queueing up to stay at the White Sands Hotel & Spa when doors open to paying guests – there is, of course, a reason why so many people come here.

With year-round temperatures of between 25°C and 30°C, crystal clear waters, endless white beaches, exciting culture and ‘no stress’ lifestyle, Cape Verde has grown and grown in popularity and now ranks as one of the top ten countries in the world for sustained, long-term tourism growth.

The best overseas property investment opportunities are those that will provide both fixed returns during those months when you’re not using it and unforgettable holiday adventures when you are. Everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of our Hotel Managed Program. The Program means that The Resort Group PLC will fully-manage your property on your behalf, meaning that you can enjoy a completely hands-free investment while still having the opportunity to holiday in your very own Cape Verde property for up to five weeks every single year.

This provides you with the perfect balance between enjoying fixed returns from your Cape Verde property investment and making the most of your property as a lifestyle purchase – the very best of both worlds. And with so much to discover and experience in Cape Verde, it will soon feel like all your dreams have come true at once.

So let’s take a look at five unmissable day trip adventures that you, your friends and your family will be able to enjoy for many years to come in magical Cape Verde.

Go Quad Biking

Dune Buggie in The Desert

Those endless sandy stretches, although breathtakingly beautiful, will take you a lifetime to explore on foot. Thankfully, there’s a quicker, better and more exciting way to see them – on quad bikes.

Hire out a quad for a few hours and take yourself on a thrilling ride through golden dunes, tropical oases, volcanic landscapes, and fabulous beaches. Away from the cities and the hustle and bustle of tourists, quad biking will completely immerse you in the beauty of the Cape Verde Islands and is the perfect way to explore many miles without breaking a sweat.

Take a Segway Tour of Santa Maria


From four wheels to two, one of the most fun ways to explore the Island of Santa Maria is by Segway. Perfect for the whole family to enjoy, you can all take a cruise through the scenic streets of Santa Maria, rumble over the sand dunes and desert interior, or go off-road to the salt flats, then down onto Ponta Preta – the most beautiful beach on Sal Island.

Don’t worry if you’ve never used a Segway before – you will receive full instructions, be equipped with a safety helmet, and your experienced guide will never be far away.

Paddle with Lemon Sharks at Shark Bay


This one’s not for the faint-hearted, but if you’ve ever fancied getting in the water with real-life sharks, then you have the opportunity to do so in Cape Verde.

The sharks in question are lemon sharks, and they are to be found prowling the shallow waters around the aptly-named Shark Bay on the Island of Sal. At 3.5 metres in length and weighing in at 190 kilos, these remarkable creatures certainly look menacing enough, but lemon sharks, in fact, pose no threat to humans. Even so, getting up close and personal with one of the ocean’s greatest hunters is an exhilarating experience, to say the least.

Enjoy Whale Watching and Dolphin Watching

Whale Splashing Fin In the sea

Even more magnificent – though perhaps slightly less scary – are the playful dolphins and gargantuan humpback whales that have made the waters around Cape Verde their home. Dolphin and whale watching tours are both available in Cape Verde, and you will be relieved to hear that, unlike the lemon sharks, you will view these creatures from the safety of a boat.

The best Islands to enjoy views of these wondrous sea animals are Sal and Boa Vista – the latter of which being the Island where the White Sands Hotel & Spa is being built. Tours last between two and three hours, and you can expect to see dolphins all year round, whereas March and April are the peak times for humpback whales.

Go Kitesurfing and Windsurfing

Kite Surfing

The Resort Group

For the fearless souls amongst you, Cape Verde is the ideal place for thrilling water sports adventures. Both windsurfing and kitesurfing are hugely popular on the Islands, and there’s plenty of opportunities even for complete beginners to don a wetsuit, hire a board, and hit the waves.

Cape Verde’s position in the Atlantic Ocean create the perfect conditions for these extreme sports, and it’s the Islands of Boa Vista and Sal where most of the action takes place.

Great Attractions Make for Great Property Investments

All these great attractions – and much more besides – ensure that holidaymakers keep coming back to Cape Verde again and again, year after year. And that, of course, is the best news possible for the occupancy rates of your overseas property investment.

But it’s great news for your own holidaying adventures in Cape Verde, too. We’ve picked out just five of our favourite day trips that can be enjoyed on these Islands – but you’ll soon see that there’s no end of things to do, sights to see, and places to explore in Cape Verde. And when you own your own property here, you’ll have endless opportunities to create countless, amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

If you want to learn more about the Cape Verde property investment opportunities at the White Sands Hotel & Spa, or are interested in booking a VIP “Try Before You Buy” Investor’s Tour of the Islands and the development, get in touch with The Resort Group PLC today.